neil-kucichNo stretch, no creep.

Perfect peep alignment every time.

Thank you Scott!

Pro Line Archery

Premium Bow Strings

Premium Replacement Bow StringsI have tried just about every other brand of string out there, but a year ago my bow technician suggested a Premium string and cable set from you. I was skeptical at first, but I was blown away by the solid feel, quality of craftsmanship and ZERO peep rotation your string sets provide.

I have since then gotten into the habit of buying a bow and before the first arrow is fired it has a set of first strings installed.

Keep up the good work.

Matthew Warren
Moberly, MO

Congratulations Jessarae Klatt


Jessarae Klatt

Congratulations to Jessarae on her huge accomplishment as 2016 National Grand Champion.

A message from Jessarae:

I wanted  to say “Thank you” For all that you have done for me this year! And how much I appreciates the work and quality of the strings you make! Truly without a Top notch string like XitWire that can handle high temps, humidity, rain and lots of rain then scorching heat down in Alabama it is a true Testament to your company that does not go untold!!

Thanks Again!
Jessarae Klatt


XitWire Magnum

x-itwire-magnumDear Scott,

How are you? I’m fine and my outdoor season is going so good … I am doing the selections for the world field championship and at these moment I am in a good position. Two weeks ago I won the second leg of the Field Grand Prix and during this weekend I will have the last leg (obviously I will let you know). During the competitions I always receive some questions about the strings and I hope you had some feedback from Italian shooters.    After I tried the new X-itWire Magnum on my first bow I am having some difficulty with the setup of the second bow. I don’t know why but it seems to be less stable than the Magnum …. This is my last idea because the strings are the only difference between the bows. Maybe you can have some other idea …… Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

Best Regards

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