X-itWire Target Archery Bow Strings – FirstString USA, Shoot with the Best

X-itWire are custom target archery bow strings that are made from a proprietary blend of fibers that we have developed. It is a special and unique blend of materials manufactured by BCY exclusively for FirstString®.

The effort was made so we could build a set of strings with virtually no movement. Since its inception we have supplied this string set to many of the world’s top target archers, and it is regarded as the best strings they have ever used.

The #1 choice for Target Archery Bow Strings:

  • Any strand count or color combination
  • Halo loop & cam serving
  • Pre-stressed for faster shoot-in time
  • No peep rotation guaranteed
  • No serving separation guaranteed
  • No creep or stretch
  • Custom serving colors available

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X-itWire Target Archery Bow Strings

X-itWire Target Archery Bow Strings