Cable Slides

Cable SlidesHow many times have you changed a set of strings and neglected to replace the cable slides?

In today’s market a lot of bows have rollers in place of the traditional cable slide. For those of you who don’t. Ask your self this question: What part of my bow creates the most friction? The cable slide is a good answer. Each time you draw your bow and release the string the slide moves on the cable guard and the cables run through the slide. Probably one of the most overlooked parts on a bow is the cable slide. We spend hundreds of dollars each year maintaining and enjoying the sport of archery and sell ourselves short of optimum tuning and shoot ability for less than $10. A worn out slide will create extra friction on the cable guard-causing reduced speed, be more likely to chatter on those cold and wet mornings in the woods, and cause cables to wear out quicker. Do your self a favor and change your slide on a regular basis.