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FS_CPLFS_CrossbowRailLubeFS_StringSaver_BulkString Saver C.P.L.
A revolutionary blend of materials developed to encompass the needs of today’s high tech fibers. This blend will Condition, Protect and Lubricate the fibers of all strings and cables.


String Saver Crossbow Rail Lube
FirstString® Rail Lube is formulated to reduce the string to rail friction associated with all crossbows. We have formulated the product with the same properties as the C.P.L. string product to further extend the life of crossbow strings.


String Loop and Material

3 and 100 packs include ready-to-use cut-to-length string loops. 50’ roll also available in the 11 string colors.


Performance Cable Slides
06 red / 20 fl. green / 24 silver / 25 black / 26 fl. pink / 28 blue / 37 fl. orange
The slide was created using a a non-stick filled Delrin material developed to eliminate cable slide chatter and decrease the wear on cables. This slide  incorporates a hole for a fall-away rest cord to be inserted along with a set screw to secure the cord.

Cable Slide Red

06 Red

Cable Slide Green

20 Fl. Green

Cable Slide Silver

24 Sliver

Cable Slide Black

25 Black

Cable Slide Pink

26 F. Pink

28 Blue

Cable Slide

37 Fl. Orange






FS_SpeedKitSpeed Kits
FS5923-22-1 (50 pack) / FS5923-22-2 (4 pack)

Shrink Tube
FS5922-22-1 (100 pack)



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