X-itWire Magnum Replacement Bow Strings – FirstString USA, Shoot with the Best

X-itWire Magnum is the latest development in proprietary string materials developed between BCY and FirstString. By combining specialized fibers with our specialized bonding process and manufacturing the string sets with FirstString’s unique processes we have produced the most stable replacement bow strings ever developed. This material is only produced in its natural color but we can accent it with any of our serving colors for a unique look.

If you are the type of archer who recognizes even the smallest changes within your set up you will appreciate the stability and lack of returning that X-itWire Magnum will give to you.

X-itWire Magnum Replacement Bow Strings:

  • Any strand count
  • Halo loop & cam serving
  • Virtually no shoot-in-time
  • No peep rotation guaranteed
  • No serving separation guaranteed
  • No creep or stretch
  • Custom serving colors available

Try our String Customizer to view all of your color and material options.

X-itWire Magnum Replacement Bow StringsX-itWire Magnum Replacement Bow Strings