Traditional Target Competition Bow Strings – FirstString USA, Shoot with the Best

Traditional Target Competition Bow StringsTraditional Target Competition Bow Strings are made from the world’s best materials using the specifications necessary for today’s high level of recurve archery. X-itRecurve material will enable you to have little to no shoot in time while being unstrung and restrung and hold overall length during shooting sessions. The material is very stable and fast while giving a soft shot and a positive feel.

Specifically designed for the discriminating target archer, FirstString’s new Traditional Target Bow Strings are the perfect compliment to your recurve target bow.

Traditional Target Competition Bow Strings configuration options:

DF97, 8125, 8190 and the new X-ITRECURVE materials.

  • Built within AMO standards
  • Customization to strand count, length, and center serving available
  • Multiple end serving materials and colors
  • Center serving from 62XS or Halo

Try our String Customizer to see what colors are available.