Crossbow Rail Lubricant – FirstString, USA, Shoot with the Best

Crossbow Rail LubricantFirstStringĀ® Rail Lube is formulated to reduce the string to rail friction associated with all crossbows. We have formulated the product with the same properties as the C.P.L. string product to further extend the life of crossbow strings.

  • Extends the life of crossbow strings.
  • Protects the string from the elements, as well as wear and fuzzing from use.
  • Lubricates crossbow string for smooth and consistent motion with each shoot.
  • Minimizes friction on the rail, providing fast and smooth most for maximum accuracy and consistency.
  • For use on all crossbow rails.
  • Convenient twist tube for fast and easy application. This comes in a applicator tube so there is no mess or contact with your fingers during application.
  • Available in bulk quantities.
  • Scent free.